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Eukanuba has been making dog food for over 40 years and offers a range of dog food with premium nutrition that is tailored to support your pet dogs at every stage of its life.

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  1. Eukanuba Mature / Senior Large Breed 12kg
    Special Price £35.50 Regular Price £44.50
  2. Eukanuba Adult Maintenance Medium 12kg
    Special Price £36.00 Regular Price £48.00
  3. Eukanuba Puppy & Junior Medium Breed 12kg
    Special Price £37.00 Regular Price £44.50
  4. Eukanuba Puppy & Junior Large Breed 12kg
    Special Price £37.49 Regular Price £44.50
  5. Eukanuba Labrador Retriever 12kg
    Special Price £38.99 Regular Price £49.00
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Eukanuba Pet Food

Eukanuba has been caring for pets since 1969 and has plenty of experience in understanding what is required to enable your pet to live a long and healthy life. Indeed, the origin of the name Eukanuba is based on a word from the 1940s jazz culture meaning ‘supreme’.

To this day Eukanuba is living up to its name by only using high-quality ingredients and providing tasty and nutritious food tailored to each animals individual needs throughout all life stages.

Eukanuba only use high-quality animal protein, and never use concentrated vegetable protein ingredients in their recipes. They also, based on their 40 years’ experience, use prebiotics and a careful tailored mix of essential vitamins and minerals. All ingredients are carefully sourced and over 120 quality checks are carried out during production to ensure that you’re getting our best, every time.

Eukanuba Quality Promise:
To only use high quality ingredients with animal-based protein at the heart of our products.
To be able to trace ingredients back to their origin and ensure that their main ingredients - protein, cereal and fat, come from Europe, New Zealand and the United States.
To rigorously test each product at every step of production.
To use carefully chosen suppliers, many of whom are long-term partners but to still check every delivery and require transparent certification for all ingredients.
To voluntarily have inspections by independent experts who are externally certified.