Supplements & Herbs - Steady!


A herbal blend for the maintenance of the nervous system. (200g pot)

'Steady!' is a natural, complementary feeding stuff that in on-going trials has proved helpful to dogs suffering from hysterical problems.
Please note:  'Steady!' is not intended to replace conventional treatment but can work in conjunction and should be used with your vet's full knowledge/advice.


Skullcap, Hyssop.

Skullcap relaxes states of nervous tension while simultaneously renewing & reviving the central nervous system. It has a specific use in helping hysterical states.
Did you know? - It is called Skullcap because the inverted calyx cup looks like a helmet with the visor raised - it also looks somewhat like a skull although it is also known by various other names including, Mad Dog Weed(!) The nickname Mad Dog Weed is because Dr. Vanderveer (a New Jersey physician) used Scullcap in the 1700's to treat 400 people who had been bitten by rabid dogs
Hyssop was once much employed as a carminative in flatulence and hysterical complaints. It is an excellent nerve tonic, and also helps one to build up strength after an illness.

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