Johnston & Jeff Premium Fruity Parakeet Food 12.5kg

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Johnston & Jeff Premium Fruity Parakeet Food is ideal for birds such as parakeets,cockatiels, parakeets, quakers and large/small conures.

This tasty mix contains a healthy mix of high quality ingredients, including hemp seed, peanut kernels and sunflower seeds.

Containing over 50% fruit
Nutritionally balanced to keep your parrot healthy and full of vigour
Great for feather quality
Ingredients: white and red millet seed, groats, small striped sunflower, safflower, flaked maize, peanut kernels, buckwheat, canary seed, hemp seed, chillies, oats, papaya, red and green bell pepper, coconut chips, paddy rice, white sunflower, banana chips, and vegetable oil.