Beef Trachea 500g Pack

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      Beef Air Pipe Trachea 100% Natural Traditional Dog Treat Chew 500g

  • 100% BEEF: When we say 100% Beef, we mean it. All of our Beef trachea are completely natural free from all added preservatives, chemicals, Grain & Gluten. All slowly Air-Dried at low temperatures to produce a healthy treat that will leave them drooling and keep their tails wagging.
  • ORGANIC: These chews contain no nasty chemical ingredients of any kind and we’re proud to say that all our beef products are from grass fed hormone free cattle. These are the perfect treats for your furry friend and the kind of product they would consume if they had the choice, this is a treat and should be fed as part of a healthy diet and in moderation.
  • LOW FAT: Packed with protein and low in fat, these are a great choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs and those on low fat diets. They are perfect for dogs of all sizes and breeds and can also be cut into smaller pieces easily to help manage portion sizes.
  • GRAIN & GLUTEN FREE: These contain no, Grain or Gluten. Great for dogs with allergies and sensitive stomachs. Gluten can also be harmful to dogs so these chews are a great choice.
  • RESPONSIBLY SOURCED: We know how important your pet is and we cut no corners when it comes to the quality of our treats and chews. All of our Beef windpipe is responsibly sourced in Europe and FEDIAF Approved. Your dog deserves the best from the best.